Permanently Erase iPhone Data without Restore

iPhone Data Cleaner

Along with the useful files like photos, videos or apps you downloaded from the internet, the corresponding junk files like photo caches, download temp files, app temp files and more will also be generated and stored in your device unless removed manually, since these useless files won't disappear from your device automatically. Also, when the file transfer or download process is dispensed by certain factors, other useless files like app crash logs will come into being. The key point is that these junk files do nothing but take up the precious storage space on your device. So you have every valid reason to timely clean them up! And this is what iPhone Data Cleaner can do for you:

* Automatically detect all junk files lurking in the iPhone/iPad/iPod devices;
* Easily clean up unwanted files from your iOS devices;
* Suit various file types like app caches, temporary files, photo caches and more;
* Support all generations of iPhone, iPad and iPod devices;
* Free up more space & boost the performance of iOS devices.

Supported OS:

Alluring Features of iPhone Data Cleaner:

When iPhone Data Cleaner is Needed?

* Since the internal storage space of iPhone is limited, you have no reason to let these useless junk files live in your device, eating up the precious storage space bit by bit. This software allows you to free up more space.
* Removing junk files from iPhone can protect your personal privacy to a certain degree, since these files sometimes may contain private information like email address. You don't want them to be fallen into hands with bad ideas, right?

Clean up Junk Files from iDevice - Easy & Fast

* Once your device is detected by this iPhone Data Cleaner, it will automatically scan through the device and display all the useless junk files lurking in your device on the main interface for your reference.
* To remove the unwanted files from iPhone/iPad/iPod, you just need to tick out the files and hit the Start option to begin the file cleaning process. Simple clicks are quite enough to clear the unwanted files. Very easy and fast!

Wide Compatibility - Suit Different Needs

This software is not a single tool for a specific device or particular file type. Its wide compatibility is illustrated in the following aspects:
* In terms of files, this software can support different file types including app caches, download temp files, photos caches, app crash logs, user storage files, app temp files and more.
* Aside from iPhone, this software can also support all generations of iPad and iPod devices.

Optimize the Performance for iOS Devices

* After cleaning all junk files from your device, more space will be saved, which allows you to save more useful files and speed up the performance of your iPhone/iPad/iPod.
* Regular data cleaning can optimize the performance of your iOS device to a large degree. Also, your personal information can be kept intact.

Tutorial on How to Clean up Junk Files from iPhone

Step 1: After opening the installed software on the computer, get your iPhone connected to the computer via the USB cord. Then this software will detect your device and show you the main interface. Choose the mode of "Phone Clean" to continue the process.

Step 2: You can now see that different file folders are arranged on the interface for your reference. You can enter the tabs to preview more detailed information. And choose the files you want to clear from your iPhone.

Step 3: Finally, just wait for the process to complete within simple clicks. You will soon see these unwanted junk files will disappear from your iPhone device. And the operation of your iPhone will be smoother.

Ready to Try or Buy?

With this iPhone Data Cleaner, all the unwanted files can be cleared in one click. So you can now enjoy the same iPhone device with faster speed. As to other iDevices like iPad and iPod, this software can also clean up these files from your device in an easy way! Can't wait to have a try? Just get it and go ahead!

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"Great! Now all junk files are cleared. More space is saved on my iPhone 6. Seems it also gets a little faster now! Thanks! "
- Olivia

"This software is really easy to use! All I need to is follow the exact steps. Now I can enjoy faster speed and save more space to store new data! "
- Angel